Friday, June 17, 2011

The Global War On Drugs: Nixon's Great Crime

There has been lots written about Nixon and especially Watergate, but the far worse crime he committed was the demonization of cannabis. While the Shafer commissions report plainly stated marijuana should not be considered an important problem. Nixon went against the reports findings and began a global war against the cannabis community.

History will certainly show Richard Nixon aka Tricky Dick was a criminal and that Governor Shafer was the hero. Shafer stood by his report on drugs even when Nixon pressured him to redo the report to so that it would show marijuana to be a dangerous drug. If the US Government had followed the advice the Shafer commissions report Nixon's drug laws the world would not be living through todays destructive drug wars!

Forty years ago today a corrupt president began a war on the peaceful fun loving cannabis community. Since that day over a trillion dollars has been wasted and many lives lost.

It is time to end "The War On Drugs" call the White House today and tell them it's time for a change - 202-456-1111 
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Free Cannabis,
End Prohibition Now!


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