Wednesday, June 8, 2011

End Cannabis Prohibition - Support Sensible Washington!

                        Sensible Washington needs your support!

Every once in awhile one has to really take in the whole perspective of why cannabis prohibition needs to end. It is not about potheads being able to smoke it up. It is not about medical marijuana patients having unrestricted access to their healing herb. Neither is it about swat raids that kill peaceful people and their pets inside their homes. It is not about the thousands of deaths it has caused our neighbors south of the US borders and it's not about personal  freedoms.
It is about all of these things and more, it is about humanity and fighting oppression and simply using common sense to correct the wrongs that cannabis prohibition have wrought upon us!

This from Sensible Washington's blog:
This week, we’re putting out an urgent call to all organizations and individuals who believe in this cause; that cannabis should be a legal substance. It’s both a medicine and a safe recreational choice that, despite years of propaganda, has no lethal dose. For those who understand the necessity of legalization, we call upon you to donate whatever you can to get Initiative 1149 – which ends criminal and civil penalties for adults – on the November ballot. We have a strong, dedicated and extremely proud group of volunteers that have put us in a position to win, but with your help we can augment our gatherers with paid professionals, assuring cannabis legalization in Washington has a better chance of becoming reality. Initiative 1149 offers up an opportunity unlike any other we’ve seen in recent years, a chance for true reform, and this is our chance to make a difference. However we need the help of everyone. The importance of achieving legalization in even one state and what that means for future attempts cannot be overstated.

With this call, we are holding a Sensible Washington Money Bomb starting on Wednesday June 8th and running through Wednesday, June 15th, with the help and sponsorship of National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML), Seattle Hempfest, Tacoma Hempfest, and the Cannabis Freedom March. We can’t afford to wait another year and let this issue remain dormant as the federal government continues to wage war on non-violent citizens. We must take action. We strongly appreciate anything and everything you can do to help, and you can donate to us directly on our website.

Free Cannabis,
End Prohibition Now!


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