Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Tale of Two Grubs

              The fun and joy of Dual booting
                        two Linux Distro's!

 Yesterday morning I was feeling a little bored or had some time that I was not busy and decided to do the new Knoppix install I had been planning. What should have been a piece of cake turned into a nerve wracking 24+ hours. I installed Knoppix and it was not loading from the boot loader, so I did another quick install and this time had Grub to rewrite the MBR, big oops!

 Grub has become such a great boot-loader that I had no fears that it would mess things up to where it would be a real problem. I had become accustomed to editing the Grub menu list file, I mean what could go wrong...

 Enter Grub2 on my Mint partition and Legacy Grub on Knoppix, now I could boot Knoppix and not Mint. I spent the day searching and reading on how this could be remedied, most answers stated I needed to write half a Encyclopedia worth of code to get my MBR fixed.

 Gave up on it for the night and used Knoppix until I went to bed. The next morning I used Knoppix and posted at my regular haunts. I then copied all my data to Knoppix sda1, reinstalled Mint 10 without formatting right over its self on sda3. I chose my mount point / and had Mint to write the MBR to the drive not either of the Distros. The install finished and I popped out the Mint 10 DVD and hit the power button and viola everything intact.  At boot I was greeted with my past Mint setup from bookmarks to Fire Fox addons all in their proper place.  Grub2 was able to boot the older Legacy Grub to start Knoppix without a problem.

A sigh of relief!

     Everything is fine!

          Everything is fine!

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