Sunday, January 23, 2011

Calling for the end of prohibition around the world!

Today there are thousands of Al Capone’s and the corruption extends all the way up into every government department. You are the real victims of Prohibition.

Besides the misinformed, the only people who claim to support Cannabis Prohibition and the accompanying crime it creates are the criminals themselves and those professions who benefit from high crime levels by selling more newspapers, getting bigger budgets for their government departments or being able to tax the public more! And coincidently, they all belong to the same crony country clubs.

The crime networks are always hiring, always expanding and until the government is forced to make a rational policy on Cannabis, the crime in this country will only increase, placing you and your family in even greater danger.
Supporting Prohibition means supporting crime, and that’s the bottom-line!

This is why we have no other choice except to Re-Legalise Cannabis and remove the funding BEFORE the criminal networks have a chance to use it to fund crime and corrupt the government. This is the only way to put an end to the never-ending cycle of crime and corruption that has engulfed South Africa by design, and active resistance is the only method of getting this achieved. 

Signed: Cannabis Embassy of South Africa


Cannabis Recreation Is Safe

Prohibition Is Not

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