Saturday, January 15, 2011

Congress asked what budget cuts people want: cut the War on Drugs.

Nick Murray, just published his submission to “YouCut.” YouCut is a gimmicky initiative rolled out by US House Majority Leader Eric Cantor to see what programs citizens are interested in cutting. Check out Nick’s proposal below.

End Cannabis Prohibition.

Since 1970, the war on drugs has wasted over $1 trillion and failed to stem the supply or demand for drugs in the US. Prohibition-related gang violence claims thousands of lives every year in the US and Mexico that cannabis could never inflict. Over 5000 years of human experimentation with cannabis, not a single person has died from its ingestion. There is no scientifically-determined lethal dose. Reduce the bloated drug war bureaucracy by cutting $15 billion in federal expenses, $33 billion in the states. Allow the market to create new industries (taxed and legal) to sustain more jobs for more Americans. Allow farmers to grow industrial hemp, an extremely versatile crop that can be used for clothing, food and a clean-burning renewable fuel. Restore personal freedom and ensure individual rights for all citizens; a free society demands it.
See the original post at Nick’s blog “Freedom’s Marmalade.”
Feel free to cut & paste Nick’s suggestion (or author your own) to the YouCut Submission page ;-) 

Free Cannabis
 End Prohibition Now!

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