Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Mexico 2010 Death Toll Higher Than Afghanistan

Life can be so sad once one comes to the realization that our society is motivated by greed and ruled through corruption!

Mexico 2010 Death Toll Higher Than Afghanistan

In the case of Afghanistan, it has taken a full-blown guerrilla war pitting the world's most powerful military and its allies against a tenacious homegrown insurgency to ratchet the annual death toll up over 10,000. In Mexico, all it has taken is drug prohibition and the all-too-foreseeable emergence of organized crime forces feeding off it

To restore order and bring the end of violence the Mexican people are enduring, it is time we end the insane prohibition of sacrilegious herbs one of which is cannabis. Many of todays so called drug laws are morally conflicting with many traditional ceremonial and religious use and beliefs of magical and spiritual plants.  


Free Cannabis,
End Prohibition Now!

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