Thursday, January 13, 2011

CRISPIN: Cannabis Recreation Is Safe - Prohibition Is Not


Mrow made the awesome reditt alien picture...

all I did was add the words,

I hope you like This one and the others here!






 I made this with Open Office and the GIMP.








Here is a unicorn I made in Gimp & 

then I used Open Office to add the text.












I moved the forelegs to 

make a stronger pose!





A few  more of Mrow's

reddit alien that I have tweaked :-)






Original Banner file is 1020 X 225...

changed to new banners due to a typo...   OOPS!

I made the above black C's using Open Office with Copin Script font size 80, 

then I add the small Chopin Script fonts size 24 with the GIMP.

I made up a few of these for our new r/trees non-profit 

                                                             coming soon!

Wiki Logo's




And just for added tree climbing fun! 













Thanks to Mrow, Wikimedia Commons, GIMP &

Open Office without which these projects would not

have taken place!

* Note these are  something I have been playing with as proposals, or goof'n off.


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