Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Marijuana, Medical or Legal?

Every time I do a Google search for marijuana I see hundreds of busts. Some of the busts are large and show that cartels, gangs, and organized crime is involved. Others are ordinary citizens caught with a few plants, plants not hardcore drugs. Law Enforcement and the court system know that a lot of these busts are immoral. But they quote laws and forget morals, when money and their jobs are at stake.

Everyday Google has stories of Medical Marijuana care centers, dispensaries and patients being busted or harassed by police and local governments. Police are lobbying for their very livelihood as they fight to keep marijuana illegal.

Oakland city council recently laid off 80 police officers, the police retaliate by naming crimes that they will no longer respond to, unless their Union demands are met.

The department's chief had said in recent days that unless the city could meet the union's demands, officers would no longer respond in person to register sex offenders, or for reports of vehicle accidents, grand theft, identity theft, burglary, embezzlement, vandalism, stray animals and others.

It is interesting that the crimes that police will not investigate are crimes involving victims, though there is no mention of not investigating marijuana, which is a victim-less crime. There is really something wrong with this picture, the police are using a form of extortion against the very people that employ them and the city they have sworn to protect. Once again the police are putting crimes that they will not make profits from, onto the back burner. While they concentrate on making marijuana busts to pillage, plunder and even kill our fellow citizens.

Now law enforcement has been raiding all levels of the medical marijuana culture and even if the courts decides against police they have ways of making money off the defendants. Remember that, their first trick is grab all assets and leaving the victim broke and lawyer-less, hard to win a court case under those circumstances. OJ would have never got off for growing marijuana! Another trick is storage & impound costs for the victims belongings, to often it is a win win situation for law enforcement when it comes to busting MMJ.

So even though we have made medical marijuana legal, we have left open to many loopholes for law enforcement to profit from arresting MMJ patients, care givers and raiding dispensaries.

I am 100% for medical marijuana, but I feel that many who need it will never have safe access to it while it has an illegal status. For those in need of medical marijuana and the safety of the general public, it is time for;

Taxation not Prohibition!


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