Saturday, July 3, 2010

Anti Pot Crusade Endangers the Public

Today's Law Enforcement is focused on marijuana as a financial supplement. Law Enforcement treats the cannabis community as hardcore criminals, and make a fortune while doing so. The least harmful drug (medicinal herb) in the world is concentrated on more than any other crime. Why because of money and politics, as the people tell (Zogby poll) our politicians legalize marijuana, lobbyist pay not to.
Remember America has the best Government that the Billionaires can buy!

One way prohibition is endangering us, cartels and black market, that are profiting off its highly inflated prices.

The second way we are endangered is through the unwarranted use of swat teams ant the fact that simple possession of marijuana is a license to kill.

From Richard Nixon's presidency to Barack Obama's, the federal government has led and promoted a holy war against its own people. I've written often in this space on the long list of harms caused by U.S.-led War on Drugs: a trillion dollars squandered since Nixon's famous declaration of war, tens of millions of Americans incarcerated for nonviolent drug offenses, otherwise innocent lives brought to ruin, civil liberties trampled, individuals, neighborhoods, and whole countries rendered unsafe, environmental devastation, economic and political destabilization of foreign nations, and on and on.


Thirdly Prohibition eats up Law Enforcement working hours leaving less responders for violent emergencies. More officers time and valuable equipment resources are being diverted to pulling plants, rather true police work.

To make sure Shasta County gets the federal grants, Sheriff Bosenko has spent about $340,000 of his department’s shrinking budget — more than in past years — on a team whose sole duty is to traipse through the woods looking for pot plants.

So for safety vote:

Taxation not Prohibition

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