Friday, July 2, 2010

Illegal Marijuana Destroying Our Forests

Our American politician is just a puppet of the corporations and their lobbyists, the corperates created a prohibition on marijuana with one purpose in mind, profits! While they have enjoyed their profits the the population has endured a police state that these laws have created.

Now because the black market and medical marijuana demands such high price we are constantly see the public endangered by gang wars for turf to sale their drugs. By rip offs and home invasion robberies that can turn a otherwise quiet neighborhood into a shooting war at any moment. We have cartels growing more entrenched on our side of the border, today we see Phoenix Arizona has become the kidnapping capitol of the USA. Our National Forest have become a dangerous place as armed growers try to protect their multi million dollar crops.

We are seeing many remote grows on our public lands having garbage and waste dumped on site. Criminals are not going to put efforts into packing out trash that could be evidence of their grow. The pristine beauty of our great National forest is being destroyed. We would no longer have these problems if marijuana was legal and grown by farmers in the fields and gardeners enjoy that wonder of life and growth seen in the living plants of a garden.

There is simply to much destruction caused by our Governments policy on the plant, that Pharmaceutical Corporations fear. Big Pharma would lose billions of dollars if marijuana was once again legal.

Sheriff's Capt. Ralph Ornelas notes forest marijuana grows destroy and poison public lands.

Some 1,560 pounds of trash, including fertilizers, pesticides, food, propane tanks, camping equipment and irrigation lines were also removed in the Knapp Ranch grow area northeast of Santa Clarita.


We now see that our billionaire politicians are not representing the people, but rather the Corporates and their right to profits through the downfall of our personal rights.

Taxation not Prohibition


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