Monday, July 5, 2010

Cops Deny and Fight Medical Marijuana Laws

In recent times we have seen the voters in many states fight to change Marijuana laws. The same time we are seeing our Law Enforcement arresting MMJ users and busting dispensaries who supply card carrying medical marijuana patients. Our Law Enforcement Officers also take to the press spreading FUD(Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt) towards the changing of the current laws.

We know the law enforcement love marijuana busts, it is quite similar to having Letters of Marquee a few centuries ago. In other words our law makers are giving them Federal Funding to pillage, plunder, and kill, much like the privateers of old. Sometimes this is done over a few grams of mj, in other casess innocents are shot as they have gone to the wrong address!

But wait there is more, I was reading a article today describing the following of citizen passed medical marijuana laws as humiliating for Officers.

Why Enforcing Some Medical Marijuana Laws can be a Cops Worst Nightmare

When it comes to cops and medical marijuana laws, it's not too hard to understand why many of them go cross-eyed and stuttery with confusion and frustration. It's bad enough for them that in states where it's OK to toke up to relieve symptoms of pain and suffering that they are getting their walking orders from the citizens who wrote the laws -- the people they used to bust, in other words -- and not from their long-time chums in the state house. Seeing marijuana openly for sale in storefronts, or growing strong in someone's basement rec room, is an affront to everything the Cop Mind holds sacred, a violation of their sense of Right and Wrong.
What's worse for them are the hidden provisions in many of these laws that turn pique into humiliation. In Colorado, for instance, the state medical marijuana law requires cops to preserve and care for evidence when they raid a house or a dispensary and the suspect claims a medical marijuana defense. That means they can't destroy the pot they confiscate or uproot the plants. In fact, if they're to follow the law as written and passed by citizens, they need to water and feed those plants in the event they have to return them.

While law Enforcement cries foul play, there is another side of this story. Savvy citizens writing new laws took notice of law enforcements precedents, of going outside the law to destroy legal medical marijuana crops and wrote strict guidelines to circumvent their ability to do so.

Next an article where Police are complaining that Fed Ex and UPS employees are finding medical marijuana packages and calling police to deal with the legal packages. My question is why are Fed Ex and UPS messing with customers packages in the first place?

Over the past year, the Billings Police Department has received an increasing number of calls from FedEx and UPS workers who discover packages containing what appears to be legal medical marijuana. A police investigator must then pick up the package, make phone calls to determine whether it is a Montana-legal product produced by a “caregiver” who is registered with the state and notify the distributor to retrieve the pot.

Police are not liking that marijuana laws are changing and their not always in their favor. It would seem that law makers had fun with law enforcement by leaving no mechanism to collect fines in Massachusetts new marijuana decriminalization law.

For 18 months, police officers have been issuing $100 non-criminal citations to people caught with less than an ounce of marijuana. But it's what happens when people don't pay their fines that is flummoxing officials in some communities.

"There is no specific provision in the law with regard to (decriminalization) that says if you don't pay then the following shall occur," said Edward Teague, clerk magistrate at Falmouth District Court. "There is no enforcement mechanism in the law."


So the new laws are not always what law enforcement officers feel are proper, its clear they are not happy when the citizens they work for have input in the law making process. The time has come to change the law and repeal marijuana prohibition!

Taxation not Prohibition!


I just saw this recent article on LAs continuing push against medical marijuana dispensaries. Strange how some cities and or counties seem obsessed with denying the voters will when it comes to marijuana.

A new Los Angeles Police Department team is spearheading an aggressive push to shut down dispensaries that are illegal under a city ordinance that took effect four weeks ago.

"This is a high priority for the City Council and a high priority for the city attorney, so it's a high priority for us," said Capt. Kevin McCarthy, head of the Gang and Narcotics Division.


Strange the spokesman was the head of the Gang and Narcotics Division. That does not sound like the right type of law enforcement officers to be used in non violent dispensary closing. But rather the opposite, another swat team to harass, injure or kill citizens, that have the right yo use marijuana! One more reason to end prohibition, the local Governments refusal to recognize medical marijuana laws.

Another update:

Plainclothes narcotics officers fanned out. One disarmed a startled security guard, another covered the door through the sights of a rifle and a third phoned the shop to announce the raid. A second guard, three employees and a dozen grim-faced customers filed out, hands in the air.

By the end of the operation, the officers had arrested the Colorado Collective's owner and an employee and hauled away 40 pounds of marijuana and $17,000 in cash in large evidence bags.


Something is simply wrong when law enforcement goes rogue!

Taxation not Prohibition!

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