Monday, February 21, 2011

Michigan Voters You Need to Read This

This was Not Written by me so no one needs to play Grammar Natzi.

Rich Neil told this story about his sister.

I think it needs to be told.

She is now serving thirty days in jail. This is after losing her seven children, enduring violent drug raids twice, being physically smashed to the ground both times and being strip searched in her home. This is her crime:

A few months ago, there was a dying cancer patient in her area. This patient had attempted to get a doctors letter from his family doctor. While the doctor agreed that he would likely receive benefit from cannabis, the doctor was afraid to write a letter for the patient. Fearing what the local authorities might do.

The patient was to poor to afford to work with one of the cannabis clinics. In the end the patient died without becoming a licensed patient.

It has been said that Jenny gave the dying patient two cookies laced with cannabis. Two cookies.

A month after, the local police raided the dying cancer patients home. They did the same thing they do almost every time. They told him he would lose his home and everything else of value he might have. Then there would be mountains of legal bills and a long jail sentence .. in this case until he was dead ..

All the patient had to do to avoid all that was to flip some names.

The police mentally tortured a dying cancer patient into providing names. Jennies name was provided as someone that was cooking with cannabis.

A couple of days later came the first raid on Rich and Jennies place. Jennies seven children were taken. .. for two cookies ..

The children had no idea that mom and uncle Rich were growing medical cannabis in the basement. The very first time they knew was when the police told them.

There was some fresh trim from a freshly harvested couple of plants that hadn't been disposed of. Most of which was still wet. And some cake. These items make up the majority of the weight the police claim they captured in this major raid of serious dangerous criminals ..

Punishment for two cookies handed to a dying cancer patient.

Fearing a return of the police, Rich and his sister moved out of town. Then the police came to their new home.

Holding an unsigned warrant, they broke down the door of their new home. Many of the officers involved in the second raid were also there for the first. They ran Jennies license plate number before conducting the raid. They knew exactly who was in the home at the time. Medical marijuana patients they knew, from the prior raid, were probably legal, law abiding citizens.

Rich deals with pain resulting from damage to his neck. I'm not sure what Jennies condition is. I'm sure it involves pain.

When the police smashed the door down on the second raid, Rich’s fiancĂ©e tried to run away from the door. All she saw was the guns and the door exploding and feared for her life. Rich's girlfriend was taken and slammed toward the floor. There was a table in the way and her nose was broken as her face slammed into it. It’s hard to imagine an officers aim could be so bad as to miss the floor. Rich was already on the floor by the time they got to him. So they just stood with one foot on the back of his neck. Knowingly grinding into a disabled persons pain producing injury. And held him that way for a long time.

All for two cookies given to a dying cancer patient ..

Both Rich's sister and girlfriend were strip searched at the home. Perhaps the police thought they were growing plants under their cloths.

In the end, the police left with only a few roaches.

This is the nature of the police efforts in Emmit county. Torture of innocent people to prevent them from using cannabis for their medical conditions.

The fear in that county is thick. There are many supporters that live in that area. None will publicly show their support. Out of fear of what the police will do to them.

Jennie is now in the process of serving thirty days in Emmit county jail .. for two cookies. For an act of kindness toward a dying cancer patient.

This story needs to get out. The voters of Michigan need to understand what police are doing to the sick and dying up north.

Jennie was raided twice, lost her children, strip searched and was put in jail for an act of kindness toward a poor, dying cancer patient.

There’s one element, in this story, I need to express more about.

How Jenny lost her children.

Her ex-husband had filed for custody of the children in the next county over.

The day of the first raid, the ex asked for an emergency order from THAT friend of the court. The request was granted.

The friend of the court ordered that the children had to be removed because they were in grave danger. Jenny was only to be allowed supervised visits.

In the request for the emergency order, the only danger presented by the attorney for the ex, was that the children were being exposed to police action.

The court in the next county took action based on the belief that the police were a direct danger the children and the children needed to be protected from them. They issued an emergency order removing the children from the home. The police at the raid were happy to enforce the order.

I was at their home the day CPS filed their report. They (CPS) had been called the day of the raid. When the agent came to their home, I accidentally recorded the conversation. I had a new laptop that I thought I had turned off when he came in.

The CPS inspector could find no fault in the home, on the day of the raid. The children were well kept, fed, attending school. The home was clean as were the children. The inspector concluded there was zero danger to the children in the home at the time of the raid.

That report came to late .. the children had been gone for a month, by this time.

The children were removed from their home, by force, by the police, to protect them from the very same police that were leading them away.

The voters of Michigan have instructed the police of Michigan to stop abusing the sick and dying. They need to obey their employers, the voters of this great state.

Why are Law Enforcement officers brutalizing non violent MMJ patients, and why does our  Government support this with vast amounts of Law Enforcement grants to be used against cannabis consumers?

Free Cannabis
End Prohibition Now!

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