Friday, February 25, 2011

Anti Cannabis Propaganda Mills Strike Again

We are often told how history repeats its self, yet when it comes to prohibition it seems that many politicians and journalists are in denial.

I read an article this morning that make a lot of assumptions as to why the end of prohibition in the united States would not end the violence in Mexico. The article even tried to lead reader to believe it could lead to the escalation of violence in our southern neighboring nation.

Lets face it if cannabis was legal in both nations we would have business's rather than cartels. Todays bad guys could become distributors and exporters rather than violent criminals that battle Law Enforcement and Government to stay in business. Do not get me wrong it would not be an overnight miracle.

The  the war on drugs we know has gone badly to put it nicely. The war on cannabis results in shootings and deaths on both sides of the border. Many Law Enforcement officers and many good people are killed in this ridiculous charade, its time people see through the propaganda and lies and follow the money and realize this war against cannabis for what it really is another failed prohibition.

Here is the propaganda article that denies the precedents of history and prohibition. LINK

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