Thursday, May 20, 2010

Today a new blog was born

Well today I got fed up with one of my favorite Blogs as its owner was very much into censoring the comments in her blog. After a comment of mine did not make it through moderation a series of emails went back and forth, all of which were polite and of a kind nature, Then it became apparent to me that what was being done by the Benevolent Dictator (her phrase) of of the blog site was a blatant form of censorship!

I tried making some comments quoting a dozen famous people including two supreme court justices on the dangers of censorship, these too were removed through moderation. At this point I received an email asking "what was up with all the comments" I replied expressing that while I respected her, but someone who was running a civil rights and political awareness blog should not be censoring other peoples opinions. My email was not returned I was shocked as this was a blog I had a lot of respect for, so I emailed one last time and asked nicely if my email was received, and again no reply. At this point I realized I should make my own blog and present ideals I believe in.
I feel that a blogger has control of their site by the articles they publish and that they should not censor their readers comments other than spam.
Well here goes my adventure into blogging, it should be fun!
Alaskan Dad,


Intelligent opinions and structured debate are always welcomed, but name calling and personal attacks do not belong here, have fun!