Saturday, May 22, 2010

Blogging & Netiquette Guide

Today I advocate for a better web as I learn to blog with proper netiquette!

Having a blog, I have a responsibility to everyone on the web to learn the proper netiquette of blogging. The other day I made my first mistake by commenting to a off topic comment and then shamelessly adding my blogs URL. Today while Googling, I learned that was comment or blog spam, a very unsavory act.
After I left that comment, I checked back and upon seeing it had not posted I knew that I had wronged, my comments had always posted before. The only thing that came to mind was the Blog Owner considered the comment spam. I sent him an apology email, and stated, I'm a newbie blogger, he must have accepted it, as my other comments since then have all posted.
One thing as bloggers we want people to see our blog, for those with family blogs it's a easier task, just email your invite.
But how does one draw traffic from the web in general to their blog, without being rude, inconsiderate, or breaking netiquette? As I look for the answers to proper netiquette and blogging, I will actively blog about it and add links that I find really helpful, to make a quick guide how to blog with proper netiquette.

The first site to link is about the general rules of netiquette, is simply a great guide.

I copied this quote from Kindly stop bleeding on your fellow students - blogging Netiquette Lessons from Brazilian Jui Jitsu because it says so much!

Oh well, if people choose to disagree with you…view it as:
  • Hmmmm, perhaps I can learn something new if I put my ego outside the door.
You might, you might not. Variety is what makes the world go ’round (that, and 23 cups of luxury coffee!). Keep an open mind and when people disgree with you, remember - it takes two to fight. Refuse to engage, admit to yourself that everyone has the right to their own opinions, as misguided, inaccurate, erroneous, flawed and faulty they might be. Pity them and hope they’ll gain enlightenment soon.

Our next site is a quick read "10 way's to hurt your blogs branding by commenting on other blogs" a guide on how to comment properly. responsible blogging

Here we we have 21 tactics to increase blog traffic, simple tips that follow the ideals of netiquette, heres a quote from one of the many great tips from the site.
"Write Title Tags with Two Audiences in Mind
First and foremost, you're writing a title tag for the people who will visit your site or have a subscription to your feed. Title tags that are short, snappy, on-topic and catchy are imperative. You also want to think about search engines when you title your posts, since the engines can help to drive traffic to your blog."

Here we take a look at using Digg to boost traffic:

How do you build a ‘Digg Culture’ on your blog
Many don’t believe that getting on Digg is worth much because the traffic is so fleeting however I think there is much more value for smart publishers than just the initial burst of traffic.

Edit: Do Not use open office and expect to be able to copy and paste to Blogger!
It can be done with a work around but it is a PITA.

Hope this help others with their blogging!
Alaska Dad


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